Market Success

Sometimes (or most of) the time we make marketing harder than it is. If you find that you are spinning your wheels or you are rejecting everything that you have come up with. Try to follow these three basic rules:

  • Find a target market
  • Produce a message to your new market about your business or plan.
  • Make sure you get your message out there
A target market should want what you have. To discover this group of humanoids identify what your product or service does and how it helps people.
In order to produce a message about your market ask yourself or someone else involved some questions. What concerns them ? what motivates them ? What fears do they have ?

You’ll want to answer these questions for each target group you have identified above.

Put message in front of those human people that form your target. To do this, you need to
know where they can be reached by answering the following:

What shady spots do they hang ? What do they search for on the internet ? What social and professional clubs do they belong to ?

Stick to these basic rule units and you will see, over time, the dividends rewarded.

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